Multilingual demo site

Presentation of a multilingual site

This page is in English !

When your business is aimed at a clientele that is not limited to your country alone, it is essential that your website can be understood by all your potential customers.

With this presentation you can see that it is easy to change the language of your site and allow all your potential customers to easily understand the offer you are proposing to them.

On this site there are only 4 pages, this homepage, a presentation page of the city of Rouen, the contact page and the legal notice page but they are enough to understand the principle. Once the visitor has clicked on the link that allows him to change language, the translation of the page is total, whether it is the content, the titles or the main menu.

You can choose any language in the world and as many languages as you want.

We are at your disposal to provide you with all the information you may need and to create your multilingual site at the best conditions.

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