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Rouen is 136 kilometres northwest of Paris, the capital of France.

With a rich past, Rouen was between 911 and 1204 the capital of the Duchy of Normandy. Disputed by both the French and the English throughout the Hundred Years’ War. It was on its soil that Joan of Arc was temporarily imprisoned, tried and burned alive on 30 May 1431. 

Possessing a plural architectural heritage largely testifying to its medieval prestige and enhanced by its many historical monuments, Rouen is an important cultural capital in which are many museums of undeniable renown, such as the Museum of Fine Arts, one of the most prestigious in France, the museum Le Secq des Tournelles, the only one of its kind in Europe. The churches, abbeys and other religious buildings found there in large numbers have earned it the nickname “city of a hundred steeples”; its cathedral is one of the highest in the world. 


Discover the heritage in Rouen. Known worldwide for its medieval heritage, Rouen will surprise you with the diversity and richness of its museums, exhibition sites, sites and monuments. In addition to the impressionists, Joan of Arc, Pierre Corneille, Gustave Flaubert, the capital of Normandy conceals unknown treasures, to be discovered for the pleasure of young and old.

The heritage in Rouen is a must, but other cultural places will allow you to live experiences that cannot be ignored. Let yourself be tempted by unusual cultural places such as the Corderie Vallois and its many collections, the National Museum of Education, the museum of ironwork Le Secq des Tournelles, the manors and castles of the Seine valley, the Circus theatre of Elbeuf or the monumental cemetery and its steles of famous people.

As many places as there are ideas for outings with family or friends to discover Rouen and its Seine valley in a different way.


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